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Posted 3 years ago

Join the campaign to ban the sale of cruel cosmetics

In line with BUAV, CCF has been campaiging for the ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics in Australia, and is distributing postcards directed to the relevant minister… Click to read more.
Get free postcards here.

"It would be great to see an Australia-wide ban on cruel cosmetics."
Dr Katrina Warren, TV’s favourite vet

European Union cosmetics ban under threat

European Commission officials are considering whether non-animal alternatives will be ready by 2013. A report by scientists recommends that the ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals be delayed for up to 10 years in some cases. This could mean 10 more years where thousands of animals will be injected, gassed, or force-fed and killed worldwide for cosmetics sold in the EU. Please sign the BUAV petition and say NO to cruel cosmetics.

Go Cruelty Free